Peace with God

Luke 2 14 “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” Peace is not just the opposite of war between nations and men. Peace is the opposite of enmity with God. Mankind has always longed for peace with God. Epictetus, a first century pagan writer, wrote: … [Read more…]

Bethels and Gilgals

BETHELS AND GILGALS  In Amos 5:4-5 Israel is called to seek God and live. Israel had received many blessings up to Amos’ time. At Bethel (“house of God”), Israel encountered the presence of God. At Gilgal (“place of encircled stones” that the Israelites marked with a circle of stones), there was a group of prophets, … [Read more…]

Lowered Expectations

Many years ago, Saturday Night Live did a recurring skit called “Lowered Expectations.” It usually was about a dating situation where two people had lowered their standards to be with each other, just to be with someone. In the real world, lowering your expectations is said to be a way to avoid frustration. “You can’t … [Read more…]

How to find Courage

We all need courage, even if it’s just to get through our day at work. It’s easier to find that courage if you recognize the steadfast love of God, and his hand on you, helping you do whatever he has called you to do. Ezra 7 27 Blessed be the Lord, the God of our … [Read more…]

Perfection: The Deal-Breaker?

Some people use the behavior of Christians to explain why they don’t go to church. They say something like “I would go to church, but someone there did this or that.” Or “I saw one of them do something unChristianlike at work.”  And sometimes they blame what they expect someone would do if they went … [Read more…]

Nothing lasts but God

Have you noticed that just when people think they have everything in this life figured out, life changes? Spring becomes summer, fall becomes winter. Abundance becomes lack, lack becomes abundance. Babies are born, friends die. “The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry,” just like Steinbeck wrote. It’s not always from good … [Read more…]

Who is greatest?

WHO IS GREATEST? Mark 9:33-37 is called the “Who is Greatest?” passage in some versions of the Bible. In this five verses, we see several things that still apply to our faith lives today. The first thing we see is that Jesus is interested in what we are doing. 33And they came to Capernaum. And … [Read more…]

Mix it up!

MIX IT UP! In Luke 5:27-32, Jesus calls a tax collector named Levi to follow him. Tax collectors in Bible times were despised by society. The Romans sent out tax collectors to collect their taxes and duties throughout the empire. Tax collectors were almost exclusively entrepreneurial to a fault, and were despised for being money-hungry. … [Read more…]


BASE Remember when you were a kid, playing Hide and Seek? One kid would be It. They’d go to the Base, cover their eyes and count to 100 and everyone else (the Hiders) would go and hide. Then the Hiders would try to stay hidden until they could find a way to get back to … [Read more…]